How to design a website according to the human brain

Having a perfect, attractive website is one step towards your business success. The main reason for creating the website in the first place is to attract more clients and customers for your services,  or products. The web page is just advertising trick. All of your visitors are human, and we all have a brain that operates in the same way. Therefore, experts determined certain principles that might help your website attract clients.

Improve your website according to the psychology principles

Research into the human brain showed that brains have certain tendencies, and those exact tendencies are actually tips for improving your site’s performance.

1. Organize your content according to its importance

When making lists or writing articles, make sure the crucial information is at the beginning and the end of the page. Research showed that visitor’s attention is the lowest in the middle of the content, list, etc. When visitors scroll around your website, the information they read at the beginning and the end are most likely to stay in their short term memory.


2. Hide the losses, emphasize the gains

Every product and service naturally have both advantages and disadvantages. However, people don’t observe them the same way. People tend to overvalue losses and undervalue gains. However, there are a few tricks to make them equal. Benefits should be listed separately and emphasized while losses should be listed together. Emphasize the losses of not using your product or service, and you will certainly attract more customers. Make them act faster by creating limited time offers, and this way visitors won’t spend much time thinking about the flaws and benefits of your product.


3. Create supportive content

Other people thoughts have always been the best marketing tricks. People like to buy stuff that someone else already tried and approved. That’s why testimonials should be an essential part of your website’s content. Reviews from customers are an even better idea than they will get a full description that might make them decide and try your offer faster. Endorsements from influential people are always good for business, especially if that someone is famous or popular in your line of business. Trust seals, certificates, awards and other elements that testify to your success are also good for your website. Your visitors will value you more, and will probably look forward to working with your company.