Less is more – Simplify your website

Some web designers tend to overload websites with unimportant content such as images, videos or gifs which can be a big mistake. Overloading your site with different content that’s not relevant to your line of business will probably drive away your visitors. When a person visits your site, he wants to get the crucial information about your business, your offers, and contact details, not scroll around to see thousands of unimportant photographs. The key to success of your website is straightforward and attractive design.


Simplify your website by taking small steps

If your site is overloaded and you didn’t realize it until now, you need to start thinking about simplifying it. However, you cannot just erase everything you think you don’t need, and you need to pay attention and choose the content you want to leave. That content should be engaging, entertaining and simple so that all your visitors can understand it and hopefully ask for your services.

1. Essential elements

You might think your site is already focused on the main features, but it is surprising how many people are actually wrong in their judgment. Most of the website owners think everything they emphasized is the essential element, but the reality is different. Choose one or two things or offers that should always be in the center of attention, and emphasize them. The content will be simpler and easier to manage trough.


2. Throw out the unnecessary elements

Links in the footer are the typical example for unnecessary elements, sometimes people overload their pages with the links so much that the visitors just can’t stand them anymore. Driving away your visitors from the site surely isn’t your goal. Sidebar elements, social media sharing widgets and all the other things that make your websites overloaded and colorful need to go.

3. Less pages

The common mistake in web design is creating too many pages, for example, plenty of people separate about the website and about us pages which are everything but necessary. Throw away everything you know you don’t actually need, keep only the information that is absolutely essential and important for your business, also leave the engaging content that might attract more clients. Fewer places to click around means more attention to the important things should be readable and understandable to the majority.